DC Dana

He was very responsive, and willing to brainstorm with me and troubleshoot things that weren't even part of the original contract.

The Project

Dana, Best-Selling author of Confession of an Unlikely Runner, contacted me about moveing her site from SquareSpace onto a WordPress site. She had realized that her options were limited and wanted to have some more control over her options and creative content. She also felt that her site needed and upgrade.

Our Approach

Dana’s site was very much an expression of her. THis is her content , promoting her books and other endeavors and she was really trying to connect on a personal lever with her audience. Because of that, we worked very closely to make sure that the site had her fingerpring on every aspect. We also took time to make sure she knew how to properly maintain her website as time went on.
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Tim did a great job of asking clarifying questions and completing the project quickly. He made sure he understood exactly what I was after and clarified the end goal before beginning any work. I would highly recommend him.

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