A Little About me

My name is Tim Keaty and I build websites. I do a lot of other fun stuff too, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I started building websites using WordPress about 2012 because I needed a website to accompany my podcast. Then I needed another website for something else, and then another. I found I was pretty good at it and I enjoyed it. So now I build websites because it offers me the opportunity to be creative and learn, the two things that I really love doing most.

Some of the fun and interesting things I’ve done:

I Hosted a podcast and interviewed over 100 actors and directors
I Co-Created a card game called Gratitude in a Box
Worked as a Case Manager in a Homeless Shelter
Helped both my kids win Pinewood Derbies
Had Lunch with Stan Lee
Volunteered as a Firefighter and in an Emergency Room
Been a terrible Bill Collector
Ran an intern program for Battlefield Addiction
Drove a Garbage Tuck for 10 Years
Have been a caretaker for Developmentally Disabled Adults
Created an UFO crash site for a movie and have 13 IMDB Credits

My guess is that if you are here looking at this page , You are either:

A) Inspired to put an idea in the world
B) Are excellent at what you do but need help telling people about it

I’m here to help.

I’ll be the first to say that websites can be hard to get just right. Maybe you have given it a try a couple times and it didn’t come out right or maybe you’ve just accepted that you don’t need a website.

I’ve been there. I’ve taken on several projects and had to figure out how to build my own website.
What I’m saying is I Get It. It’s hard to find time or money to create a website when you are running your own business.

So don’t sweat it. I’ve been there and I can help you through this. Once we start working together I’ll get to know what it is you need and create a website that expresses what you and your business is all about.